Slip and fall accidents are common during icy winter conditions, but they are also more common than we think during the summertime. It is important to be mindful of the conditions around you during every season to avoid serious slip and fall injuries. Summertime calls for swimming, vacations, outdoor events, and hosting barbeques. With any of these fun events, we have to be mindful of the surface conditions surrounding us. You will encounter wet and slippery surfaces on pool decks, boats, and hotel walkways.

slippery when wet pool deck warning sign

While you are outdoors, use appropriate footwear and lookout for defects on sidewalks left behind after a harsh winter. Rainy days in the summer can also cause outdoor and indoor surfaces to become slippery. Make sure to use the proper signage to warn your guests of these conditions and, if you are the guest, be on the lookout for these signs.

If you are inviting friends over for a barbeque or any gathering indoors or outdoors, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the space you and your guest will occupy. Look for tripping hazards in the yard such as gardening tools, garden hoses, and any other lose items. Whether your are indoors or outdoors, provide your guests with adequate lit stairwells, walkways, and hallways.

Commercial and Residential Property Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents Massachusetts imposes a duty of reasonable care on both commercial and residential property owners. In essence, property owners must take steps to adequately address dangers and hazards on their property before they cause harm to a lawful visitor. For more information on property-related injuries, please see Premises Liability – Injuries on Property.

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