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Electrocutions, Explosions, and Fires

Catastrophic injuries in a flash.

Electrocution and electrical shock injuries can occur at any time and in a variety of environments.

At its most basic, Massachusetts law allows victims of explosions and fires, including firefighters and rescuers, to recover for injuries, death, and property damage when the explosion or fire was caused by negligence.

As we all know, the causes of explosions and fires can very often be traced back to human error – or corporate neglect – whether the cause of the explosion or fire be from a defective smoke detector or fire alarm, faulty wiring in a new house, a poorly designed and placed gas tank in a motor vehicle or negligent maintenance of public electric or gas utilities. Each of these negligent acts alone is enough to cause an explosion or fire or to create an environment where a minor fire becomes a catastrophic event.

Electrocution and electrical shock injuries can occur at any time and in a variety of environments. High voltage electrical lines are in virtually every neighborhood, and around every construction site. Contact with even small amounts of electricity can cause devastating burns, internal organ injuries, permanent muscle, nerve or brain injury, and cardiac arrest. Electrocution, Explosion and Fire cases are often complex claims, arising from a variety of negligent situations. Each case is unique and requires a lawyer with experience in this area of law. SUGARMAN’s personal injury lawyers have a proven record of obtaining compensation for the victims of these devastating accidents. We have both the knowledge and resources to handle these difficult cases.

Types of Electrocutions, Explosions & Fires

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If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by an explosion, fire or electrocution the injury lawyers at SUGARMAN are here to help.

Types of Electrocutions, Explosions, & Fires

Electrocution and Electrical Shock Injuries

Power companies, construction companies and building owners are required to abide by industry standard warnings and protections against accidental electrocutions. Similar standards apply to all worksite and household products that utilize an electrical power source.

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Worker changing billboard advertisement falls

Settlement reached on behalf of a worker who fell 20 feet after being electrocuted, and needed partial amputation of his left arm and leg.

Roofer suffered burns while attaching flashing to two-family home

Settlement reached for worker's multiple injuries from burns and a fall from roof height.

Electrocution to construction worker on a residential construction site

Settlement of personal injury lawsuit for an excavation worker who was electrocuted while attempting to place caution tape over low hanging electrical wires.

Explosion and Fire Accidents

Explosions and fires often lead to devastating personal injuries, death, and destruction of property and livelihoods. They are shocking and overwhelming events. Victims need both immediate and long-term help, including help from experienced lawyers, to pick up the pieces and move toward recovery.

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Gas explosion

Settlement against contractor for physical and psychological injuries to a 19-year-old man following a gas explosion at a residential home.

Wrongful death and injury claims resulting from industrial explosion

Settlement against a Springfield company and a chemical manufacturer following a resin-powder explosion that caused the death of three foundry workers and seriously burned and maimed nine others. In reviewing tens-of-thousands of documents and conducting scores of depositions, SUGARMAN lawyers uncovered the defendant company's corporate orders to reduce and eliminate safety programs at the foundry in order to increase production and profits.

Sodium explosion causes tragic firefighter deaths

Settlement in a negligence and product liability case against a Newton chemical company for eleven firefighters injured as a result of a sodium explosion at the company.

Power plant explosion - Wrongful death

Settlement against site owner, operator and outside vendors for the mother and father of a 20-year-old man who died from severe burns as a result of an industrial steam explosion in Salem, Massachusetts.