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Construction Site Injuries

Dangerous jobs become even more so when safety doesn't come first.

SUGARMAN has represented countless construction workers and their families

For decades, SUGARMAN’s personal injury attorneys have represented countless workers and their families for injuries and deaths suffered in construction site accidents. In fact, some of the earliest cases in Massachusetts establishing a worker’s right to bring a claim against a negligent contractor were brought and won by SUGARMAN lawyers. That tradition, and our lawyers’ dedication to those workers, continues today.

Residential, commercial, and industrial construction sites can be some of the most dangerous places for workers. When accidents happen at these sites, workers and their families not only suffer the consequences of the injury but the immediate loss of income and uncertainty that comes with that injury. Every worker hurt on the job would gladly turn back time and erase an accident and their injury. Once an accident happens, however, what is required is a steady focus on bringing some measure of security and compensation to the worker and their family. That is what SUGARMAN’s experienced personal injury lawyers bring to these cases.

Bringing a successful construction site injury case is more than just “putting in a claim.” Even simple construction sites can have multiple contractors, subcontractors, architects, owners’ representatives, and project managers. Each contractor has their own personnel, equipment, and responsibilities at the site. Important to note that each contractor has an insurance company keeping careful watch on accidents to make sure that injured workers recover as little as possible. When a construction accident occurs, several things happen seemingly at once. A workers’ compensation claim is begun, which can quickly fill the gap caused by a loss of income. In the meantime, multiple insurers and OSHA investigate, often with an eye towards blaming the worker or his immediate employer (who cannot be sued by the worker for negligence). During this critical time, mistakes can be made that can limit the worker’s right to recover. While it may appear obvious at first blush who is responsible for an accident at a construction site, legally speaking that determination can become quite complex.

Sorting this out requires not only a careful investigation of the facts but an understanding of the contracts, insurance agreements and state and federal regulations and codes that apply (and do not apply) to a given construction site. At SUGARMAN, the goal is for prompt and fair resolution of every construction site case. However, the best results come from a willingness to fully investigate, litigate and, if necessary, try the case in front of a jury. SUGARMAN’s accident lawyers bring their decades of experience to the complex relationships and insurance issues that surround nearly every construction site accident. Whenever their involvement begins, SUGARMAN lawyers know that swift action is required to maximize the worker’s chances of a successful recovery against the responsible party or parties. Our personal injury attorneys also collaborate with an injured tradesman’s workers’ compensation counsel to maximize the total recovery to the injured worker. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, our attorneys stand ready to apply their expertise in this area of law for your case, beginning with a free consultation with one of our partners.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction related accident, the injury lawyers in Boston at SUGARMAN are here to help.

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SUGARMAN’s personal injury lawyers have handled many different construction site accident cases. Cases have included scaffolding and staging collapses, wall and roof collapses, falls through unprotected floor openings, crane and aerial lift overturns, dropped loads, job site electrocutions, accidents from defective tools, and construction elevator and material lift accidents. We represent laborers, electricians, ironworkers, plumbers, masons, and all other construction trades in injury claims.

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Town building inspector slips on ice during inspection

Settlement for a town building inspector who slipped on an icy unpaved driveway while performing an inspection of the defendant’s property, resulting in severe and permanent leg injuries that rendered him totally disabled from performing his job as a building inspector.

Settlement for construction worker injured after scaffolding fall

SUGARMAN's attorneys were able to obtain a settlement just before trial on behalf of a worker who fell over 6 feet from scaffolding at a construction site and suffered a severe ankle fracture. The case was brought against the contractor who constructed and supplied the scaffolding, but failed to attach the safety railings and failed to provide the worker with required fall protection. In addition to the settlement of the personal injury claim, SUGARMAN's attorneys were also able to negotiate a favorable resolution of the client's workers' compensation lien in order to maximize the client's recovery.

Ironworker falls 30 feet from Boston high-rise

Settlement received for multiple fractures to ironworker who fell while erecting the steel frame of a new Boston high-rise. General contractor failed to require 100% fall protection.

Traumatic brain injury and eventual death following excavator accident

Settlement for the daughter of a construction worker who was struck by an excavator's boom on a large development project in Everett. The excavator operator knew that the worker was in the area, but failed to look and make sure that the worker was a safe distance away before the operator moved the boom and violently struck him. The worker suffered catastrophic injuries that eventually caused his death 3 months later. In addition to a host of safety violations and unsafe practices, SUGARMAN attorneys were able to establish that the excavator operator had been previously fired for unsafe operation by the same company that later hired him to work on the development project. The case resolved shortly before trial.

Failure to maintain equipment - Power plant accident causes worker's injuries

Settlement against power plant and safety contractor for twenty-six-year-old boilermaker apprentice who was severely injured when he was violently sucked into a boiler drum which had not been properly de-energized for contractor work during an annual shutdown.

Severe injuries sustained by construction worker in fall on jobsite

Settlement in personal injury case for 39-year-old construction worker, who fell 15 feet to the ground in Norwell, Massachusetts while working on the roof of the defendant general contractor’s property. The construction worker sustained bilateral wrist fractures requiring multiple surgeries, and facial lacerations.

Jury verdict in fall at construction site

Middlesex County jury returns on behalf of construction worker injured in fall from unguarded opening in construction project. One of 10 largest jury verdicts reported in Massachusetts in 2011.