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​Wrongful Death Claims

What to know when a loved one has died due to another's negligence

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SUGARMAN’s attorneys have successfully brought and tried wrongful death claims in almost all areas of our personal injury practice. In addition to our experience and ability, we have the resources to engage highly qualified medical and liability experts to prepare the case and present it to the jury. SUGARMAN also has a network of attorneys in the fields of probate, estate and family law that we can consult with should the need arise.

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If you or a loved one have been affected by a wrongful death, the lawyers at SUGARMAN are here to help.

More About Wrongful Death Claims

A defective industrial product that needlessly kills a worker. A botched surgery that results in a patient’s death. A violent car crash with multiple victims. There are a number of tragic circumstances that can give rise to a wrongful death claim under Massachusetts law. These claims are unique in that they often involve issues of not only personal injury law, but also probate, estate and family law as well. Massachusetts has specific laws on who can bring a wrongful death claim, the process for establishing which family member has the right to bring a claim on behalf of the deceased, and the types of damages that juries are allowed to award in wrongful death claims.

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Wrongful death of nursing home patient

Settlement for family of elderly patient whose C. Difficile illness went untreated for several days when the staff at her nursing home in Boston failed to review critical laboratory results and failed to transfer the patient to a hospital for immediate care. By the time the patient was transferred to a hospital, four days after her symptoms began, she was septic and she passed away shortly thereafter.

Death of twenty-one year old after allergic reaction

Just before the start of a scheduled trial and after significant discovery, SUGARMAN's attorneys were able to obtain a settlement for the Estate of a twenty-one year-old man who died after the emergency room physician in a hospital outside of Boston failed to intubate the man for over an hour. The man had arrived at the emergency room barely able to breath due to an allergic reaction. Instead of performing a surgical airway, the physician attempted multiple incorrect methods of airway management, causing the patient’s death.

Gas explosion

Settlement against contractor for physical and psychological injuries to a 19-year-old man following a gas explosion at a residential home.

Traumatic brain injury and eventual death following excavator accident

Settlement for the daughter of a construction worker who was struck by an excavator's boom on a large development project in Everett. The excavator operator knew that the worker was in the area, but failed to look and make sure that the worker was a safe distance away before the operator moved the boom and violently struck him. The worker suffered catastrophic injuries that eventually caused his death 3 months later. In addition to a host of safety violations and unsafe practices, SUGARMAN attorneys were able to establish that the excavator operator had been previously fired for unsafe operation by the same company that later hired him to work on the development project. The case resolved shortly before trial.

Hospital's electronic medical records reveal physicians aware of patient's condition

Recovery for the family of a 47 year-old man who died from pulmonary emboli following hip replacement surgery at a northeastern Massachusetts hospital. The patient's family brought suit against multiple defendants responsible for the patient’s care during his recovery from surgery, including a nurse who failed to properly administer one of his medications. The case settled following extensive discovery, including multiple depositions of medical personnel who did not examine the patient, but were noted in audit logs to have accessed the patient’s electronic medical records shortly before his death and thus were aware of his condition.

Wrongful death following failure to report lung mass

Pre-trial settlement of medical malpractice case for widow against radiologist and his medical practice. The client's fifty-seven year-old husband had undergone an abdominal CT scan relative to gastrointestinal issues. The CT scan incidentally revealed a suspicious mass in the patient’s lung which was missed by the radiologist and never reported to the patient until it was found on a subsequent scan, resulting in a delay in diagnosis of lung cancer for nearly a year and a half. He underwent a resection, but the cancer returned months later. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and died the following year.

Mismanagement of labor results in newborn's death

Settlement of medical malpractice case for parents of newborn who died several hours after her birth due to the mismanagement of her labor and delivery, resulting in severe anoxic injury.