The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued several recalls of products for children. Numerous products, ranging from bicycle helmets to infant bath seats, have been recalled for various safety concerns. As is often the case, the reasons behind the recalls vary.

A type of children’s socks sold at Nordstrom that feature a pom-pom on the heel pose a choking hazard. The retailer is offering a refund to consumers. Meanwhile, Janod, a French toymaker, sold a children’s shaving kit that contained levels of phthalate not permitted in the United States. Phthalates are toxic if ingested by children. The CPCS recommends consumers stop using the product. They may request a refund from the store that sold the toy set to them.

Not every defective product has to be replaced to be safe for use. On September 9, Vitus, a bike maker, issued a recall for two of their children’s bicycle models. The bicycles pose a crash hazard due to their lack of a foot break. Federal regulations require children’s bicycles to have both hand and foot breaks. This makes the bike easier to control for small children. The CPSC recommends consumers not allow their children to use the bicycles. However, Vitus is providing parents with a free replacement wheel that fixes the issue.

It’s always important to understand what safety risks a product can pose and how to address those risks. Resources like the CPSC can help parents keep their kids safe.

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