A crucial part of effective litigation is choosing appropriate experts to testify in support of your case before a jury. At SUGARMAN, we have extensive experience in selecting premier experts to help fight for our clients.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person with knowledge or experience in a particular field beyond that which is expected from a layperson. In personal injury trials, both sides often retain experts to testify in support of their case. Most commonly, medical experts will testify as to their opinions regarding the nature and extent of injuries suffered by a plaintiff, and also as to the causal relationship between an alleged incident and the plaintiff’s injuries. Experts in other disciplines, such as engineers and economists, also often testify in personal injury trials.

How Can Sugarman Help?

Choosing well-qualified experts often makes the difference in bringing a successful negligence claim. With decades of experience in litigating negligence claims in Massachusetts, SUGARMAN has unique experience and resources in selecting appropriate experts to provide our clients with the best representation available.

If you believe that you have suffered an injury due to negligence, please call 617-542-1000, speak with one of our Partners, or email us us about your case today.