Companies recall products fairly frequently. Typically, the products are recalled due to the discovery of a safety issue or other defect that may pose a risk to someone using the product. When a company recalls a product, they will post a public notice of the recall.

Where Can I Find Public Notices of Recalls? Product Recall and Consumer Safety notice

These public notices are posted in the database maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission . The website is very user friendly and breaks down each recall into three parts: Hazard, Remedy, and Units.

  • The Hazard section identifies the risk or safety issue with the product;
  • The Remedy section identifies how the company has chosen to address risk or safety issue; and
  • The Unit section tells you how many affected products were sold.

How Can I be Notified of Product Recalls and Safety Alerts?

Additionally, on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, you are able to sign up for an email list of recalls and safety alerts. This is a free service where they will provide you the information for new recalls directly to your email inbox. You also have the ability to make reports about unsafe products on their website.

What should I do if I have a recalled product?

What to do depends largely on the product and why it was recalled. Typically, the recall notice will tell you exactly what to do with the product. Sometimes, you may be able to return your product to the company in exchange for a refund or a replacement product. Other times, the company may undertake the cost of repairing the product for you. No matter what the remedy is, you should stop using the recalled product immediately to ensure your safety and that of those around you.

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