In recent months, with many businesses closed or operating at a limited capacity and people working from home, roads and sidewalks are a bit safer. Fewer cars on the road generally mean fewer crashes, (though not consistently so). Travel by airline, public transportation and railroad has decreased considerably, leaving fewer commuters and travelers to be injured when something goes wrong.

Staying at home does not mean complete safety. People have adapted to the “new normal” by converting kitchens into offices with multiple extension cords and overloaded outlets. Parents have been forced to turn living rooms into playrooms and classrooms, replete with trip hazards and furniture safety issues. Gym closures have forced cars out of garages and workout equipment and space heaters in, as the weather turns colder. The upcoming winter will mean more time indoors.

Without vigilance, all of the improvising and adaptation may increase the risk of injury at home. This can occur through the use of defective products (as discussed in a recent SUGARMAN blog post), trip hazards, furniture hazards and accidental fires. According to the CDC, unintentional injuries have been the number one cause of death among children ages 0-19 for over a decade. The pandemic forcing families to share space once unoccupied during the school and work day, and to scramble to entertain restless children, have only increased the risks for many types of unintentional injuries. It has been reported by trauma centers that while auto accidents are down, other types of injuries are rising in different parts of the country, including burn and electric shock injuries and ATV and dirt bike accidents, to name a few.

Making sure your family members are using products safely, maintaining areas free from trip hazards, and monitoring product recalls are some of the ways you can prevent accidents. In condominium, apartment and multi-resident buildings, be sure to report any safety issues noted in common areas to the landlord or property manager as soon as possible. Accidents at home that result in the loss of personal items are unfortunate, but when personal injuries and death are involved, accidents at home become far more tragic.

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