At the start of the pandemic and as the majority of society was forced to stay home, traffic volumes dramatically decreased by approximately 60%. Now, with the ramp up in vaccinations and re-opening announcements, more and more people are returning to the roads. In the greater Boston area, traffic analytics report a 120% increase in traffic volume compared to the height of the pandemic last spring. Some parts of the area, including the Southeast Expressway, have even exceeded pre-pandemic levels of traffic at times.

Although the traffic levels are returning to normal, the pattern of traffic is producing a different picture from pre-pandemic times. MassDOT reports that people are traveling at different times of the day, rather than simply at the peak rush hours, likely due to the flexible work arrangements many businesses have implemented in response to the pandemic. This spread of traffic throughout the day may prevent severe congestions problems, but on the other hand, may produce a steadier stream of travelers throughout all hours of the day.

More travelers on the road likely means more traffic-related incidents. To stay safe on the road, consider implementing the following driver safety tips:

  • More than half of all road traffic deaths are among vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. As the summer months approach, and pandemic restrictions subside, expect more of these travelers on the road and look out for everyone’s safety;
  • Pay attention, especially as the number of travelers on the road return to normal. Avoid multitasking while driving, including using electronic devices and/or eating;
  • Slow down! Cautious speed dramatically increases your ability to react to sudden events on the road;
  • Buckle up!

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