On June 22, 2023, Zuru recalled approximately 7.5 million Baby Shark toys after becoming aware of 12 injuries caused by a child sitting or falling onto the toy resulting in impalement injuries, lacerations, and puncture wounds.

What Toys Were Recalled? Recall of Baby Shark and Mini Baby Shark Bath Toys

The recalled products include the full-size Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing & Swim and Mini Baby Shark Swimming bath toys. The full-size models included in the recall are model number 25282, date code DG20190501 through DG20220619. This information can be found on the bottom of the toy and the recalled products have a hard plastic top fin. All known injuries were caused by the full size Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing & Swim. The recalled Mini Baby Shark bath toys include model numbers 7163, 7175, 7166, and 25291, date code DG2020615 through DG2023525. These toys also have a hard plastic top fin.

What Steps Should Consumers Take?

  • Stop Using Immediately
  • Request a full refund from Zuru

How to Request a Full Refund

  • Disable the tail fin (cut the tail fin on the full-size toy or bend it on the mini toy);
  • Mark the body of the toy shark with “recalled” and the code provided during registration for the recall; and
  • Upload a picture of the toy showing it as disabled and marked to https://www.recallrtr.com/bathshark

Once Zuru receives the photo, a refund in the form of a prepaid virtual Mastercard will be issued.

The recalled toys were sold at Walmart, CVS pharmacy, Dollar General Corp., Family Dollar Services, HEB Grocery Company, Meijer, Target, TJX Companies, Ross, and Walgreens, and online at www.walmart.com, www.target.com, www.amazon.com and other websites. They were sold from May 2019 through June 2023.

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