On Friday, September 28th, Neil Sugarman is scheduled to present as a panelist at MCLE’s “Courtroom Presence” seminar in Boston.  The panel includes several prominent personal injury attorneys, both on the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ side, as well as Massachusetts judges and lawyers representing the Commonwealth. The seminar will cover all aspects of a personal injury trial from jury selection to closing arguments.

As one of the panelists, Attorney Sugarman will share his expertise, approach  and immeasurable breadth of knowledge as a plaintiff’s attorney.  Having spent many years in the courtroom, trying some of the most sophisticated personal injury cases in Massachusetts, his focus during the session will be on closing arguments during trial. This program, as well as others put on by MCLE, are mainly geared toward teaching new attorneys the valuable courtroom skills they will need when trying a personal injury case.

For more information, please visit  www.mcle.org