The Federal Highway Administration states that 300-400 people are killed each year in wrong way driving accidents.  Last week Massachusetts got a first-hand look at the impact these accidents have, when a woman drove on the wrong side of 495 in Middleborough and crashed head-on into a car full of four college students – no one survived the incident.  Unfortunately, car accidents happen frequently, but the realities of sharing the road make an impact when extreme incidents make the news.  Here’s what to consider to avoid wrong way drivers.

Be Aware of what Lies Ahead

Many drivers only look a few cars ahead of them and ignore the action happening beyond their immediate view.  Not only do you want to look at the people directly in front of your vehicle, but try to scan the road even further away.  The more information you can gather about what lies ahead, the safer your travel will be.

Stay to the Right

Traveling in the furthest lane from oncoming traffic will decrease the chances of your encounter with a wrong way driver. If a wrong way driver enters the highway, especially while impaired, they may head to the far right so they’re traveling in what they think is the “slow” lane.  Unfortunately, this is actually the fast lane and will cause a serious accident.  Many experts also advise that if a wrong way driver is coming at you, swerve to the right as they will impact your vehicle on the side, rather than head on, lowering the chances of a deadly impact.

Remove Distractions when Driving

There’s a reason texting and driving is illegal — it’s dangerous — but it isn’t the only distraction in the vehicle. GPS, food and drinks, and even passengers can all be distractions. When you’re not fully vested in operating your vehicle, you can swerve across the road or take a wrong turn and become a danger to your passengers and others sharing the road. 

Focus on what you’re doing in the moment and leave the distractions for when you’re not behind the wheel.

If you encounter a wrong way driver situation, and you can avoid an impact, pull over and call 911. With so many people sharing the road dangers are heightened, so obeying traffic laws and drive safely to minimize your risk on the road.

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