Personal injury protection (“PIP”) benefits are funds that are available in Massachusetts following a motor vehicle accident (1) to you when driving your vehicle; (2) someone else driving your vehicle with your consent; (3) anyone living in your household; (4) or any pedestrian struck by your vehicle. These benefits are “no-fault” coverage and protect you regardless of whether or not you are at fault in causing the accident. PIP benefits can be used to cover medical bills and lost wages. These benefits, however, cannot be used towards property damage or vehicle repairs.

How much will I receive in PIP benefits?

It depends. The total amount of PIP benefits in every Massachusetts Compulsory Auto Insurance policy is $8,000. If you have private medical insurance, PIP will only cover the first $2,000 in medical bills for your injuries – any medical bills over that amount will need to be submitted directly to your health insurer. The remaining $6,000 can be used to cover lost wages (75% of an injured party’s salary) and any copays or medical expenses that were not covered by your private medical insurer.

How do I receive PIP benefit payments?

If you are represented by a personal injury lawyer, your attorney will contact your insurance company directly for a PIP benefits application. This application will ask for a brief overview of how the accident happened, what your injuries are, medical bill amounts, any lost wages, and what hospitals and doctors have provided treatment for your injuries. Your attorney will help you fill out the form and ask you to sign it after you review it. Our law firm will then send the completed PIP application form to your insurer. Our office will also submit any of your medical bills we are aware of to the adjuster from your insurance company for payment.

What happens next after my car accident?

The PIP adjuster will make a determination as to if the medical treatment was related to injuries from the accident and issue payment to the provider, or deny payment and send it to your medical insurer. After your PIP benefits have been exhausted, all medical bills will be redirected to your health insurer. Your attorney will send out letters to all of your medical providers advising them that your PIP benefits are exhausted, and all bills should be billed to your health insurance.

Do personal injury attorneys take legal fees from PIP benefits?

Unfortunately, some personal injury attorneys do take a legal fee for collecting PIP benefits. At SUGARMAN, we do not. Before hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you following an accident, you should ask whether the lawyer charges fees for things like PIP benefits.

How can SUGARMAN help you after your car accident?

SUGARMAN attorneys have decades of experience advocating for injured persons to ensure they recover maximum damages. If you or a loved one has suffered injury as the result of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more, speak to one of our principals today by calling 617-542-1000 or email us at

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