On January 25, a piece of concrete fell from an I-93 overpass in Somerville, MA. It smashed through the windshield of a car underneath, and the driver barely escaped serious injury. This is a reminder of the dangers we face every day on the road. Defective roadway conditions can cause serious accidents, leading to injury or death.

More than 395,000 people commute to Boston every day for work. These commuters are familiar with traffic delays from construction. While road construction can help improve traffic flow, it is risky. Construction on and near roads requires heavy equipment and machinery. When designed, installed, or maintained incorrectly, this equipment can cause major damage to people and property.

Road work is often part of major city projects managed by huge contractors and multiple subcontractors. Claims for personal injuries caused by roadwork defects can involve long, complicated investigations. This usually includes extensive work with experts in the field. SUGARMAN attorneys have decades of experience with complex personal injury claims.

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