Details of Recall

On October 10, 2022, Rivian recalled over 12,000 of its vehicles to verify that a fastener in the steering assembly is not loose. The recall includes all Rivian R1T pickups and R1S SUVs made through late September, and some vans that the company made for Amazon deliveries. Please click to find more details of Rivian’s recall.

A fastener in the front suspension may not have been completely tightened in some vehicles. If the fastener is not fully tight, the alignment of the front wheels can be impacted which may cause vibrations, noise, and different feeling while steering. Should the fastener become completely loose, there could be a complete loss of control steering.

Drivers should immediately visit one of Rivian’s service centers. They will verify the fastener is tight or tighten it if needed. Affected customers should have received notice of the recall from Rivian.

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