It is that time of the year where parents are led to a costume store by eager kids wanting to purchase the year’s hottest or funniest Halloween costume. While there is not a lot to worry about, parents still need to be mindful of their children’s choice. Despite what one would expect, there are many costumes on the market that simply are not safe for children because, among many reasons, they are not flame resistant or are so dark that they put a child at risk to be struck by a car. It is hard to believe, but since 1980 there have been 16 reported incidents where a child under the age of 15 has suffered burn injuries as a result of an unsafe Halloween costume. Parents need to check the label of any costume they purchase for a child to make sure it is flame resistant as the simple act of a child brushing against a candle can result in a terrible accident if the child is wearing an unsafe costume.

There are many resources available to parents who want to learn more about minor steps they can take to ensure that everything goes according to plan come Halloween night. The Consumer Product Safety Commission puts out its own safety tips every year to help parents make informed decision about their children’s safety.

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