​Wrongful Death Claims

What to know when a loved one has died due to another's negligence


A defective industrial product that needlessly kills a worker. A botched surgery that results in a patient's death. A violent car crash with multiple victims. There are a number of tragic circumstances that can give rise to a wrongful death claim under Massachusetts law. These claims are unique in that they often involve issues of not only personal injury law, but also probate, estate and family law as well. Massachusetts has specific laws that dictate who may recover when a wrongful death claim is brought, the process for establishing which family member has the right to bring a claim on behalf of the deceased, and the types of damages that juries are allowed to award in wrongful death claims.

SUGARMAN's attorneys have successfully brought and tried wrongful death claims in almost all areas of our personal injury practice. In addition to our experience and ability, we have the resources to engage highly qualified medical and liability experts to prepare the case and present it to the jury. SUGARMAN also has a network of attorneys in the fields of probate, estate and family law that we can consult with should the need arise.

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