Professional Malpractice

Lawyer fails to file lawsuit in time

Settlement for client whose attorney failed to file the client’s medical malpractice lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations, resulting in the court dismissing the client’s claim. In accordance with Massachusetts law, SUGARMAN attorneys not only proved the attorney’s negligence, but also proved the negligence of the client’s doctor in the underlying medical malpractice case.

Legal malpractice suit for injured tractor trailer driver

Settlement arising out of a workplace accident in which the plaintiff suffered crush injuries to his foot after being run over by a forklift. The plaintiff’s original attorneys failed to file suit within the statute of limitations, resulting in the dismissal of the plaintiff’s lawsuit against the forklift operator.

Professional Malpractice

SUGARMAN has successfully represented clients in cases of malpractice by all types of professionals, including professionals involved in building and construction such as architects and engineers; professionals providing financial and legal services and advice such as accountants and attorneys; and counseling professionals such as social workers, mental health workers and psychologists.

McStowe v. Bornstein, 377 Mass. 804 (1979)

Established precedent allowing legal malpractice suits to continue after the death of the defendant’s attorney.