Pedestrian Injuries

Jury verdict for family of man killed by drivers engaged in horseplay

A Plymouth County jury sitting in New Bedford rendered a substantial verdict in favor of the estate of a pedestrian who was killed by a car that went off the road and struck him while walking his dog in Easton, MA. The plaintiff, his widow, alleged that the teenage driver that struck him lost control because he was engaged in a race or horseplay with another teenage driver. The jury found both drivers responsible for the incident in issuing their award.

Runner struck by work truck

Post-discovery settlement for a runner who was struck by a work truck on the side of the road in Cape Cod. The runner suffered a severe ankle fracture requiring surgical repair and a lengthy rehabilitation.

Hit and run accident results in severe facial scarring

Pre-suit settlement on behalf of young woman who was struck by a drunk driver while she was a pedestrian. Plaintiff sustained severe injuries, including a permanent foot long scar down the center of her face.

Pedestrian struck by car in South Boston

Pre-discovery settlement for young pedestrian struck by a car while she was in a marked crosswalk on Day Boulevard in South Boston. As a result of the impact, the woman suffered a closed head injury and thoracic outlet syndrome requiring surgical repair.

Wrongful death – Pedestrian killed due to defective road design

Settlement for family of pedestrian who was killed after being hit by a car. The defendant property owner failed to install barriers or guardrails in a shopping center access road, both of which would have prevented the accident and the pedestrian’s death.

Pedestrian sustains closed head injury

Settlement for a plaintiff who sustained a traumatic brain injury as a pedestrian. The pedestrian was holding onto the window frame of the defendant’s car when the defendant accelerated forward, causing the pedestrian to fall to the roadway, forcefully striking his head.

Pedestrian struck by garbage truck

Wrongful death settlement received for the family of 79-year-old pedestrian killed when struck by a garbage truck.