Construction Site Injuries

Town building inspector slips on ice during inspection

Settlement for a town building inspector who slipped on an icy unpaved driveway while performing an inspection of the defendant’s property, resulting in severe and permanent leg injuries that rendered him totally disabled from performing his job as a building inspector.

Settlement for construction worker injured after scaffolding fall

SUGARMAN’s attorneys were able to obtain a settlement just before trial on behalf of a worker who fell over 6 feet from scaffolding at a construction site and suffered a severe ankle fracture. The case was brought against the contractor who constructed and supplied the scaffolding, but failed to attach the safety railings and failed to provide the worker with required fall protection. In addition to the settlement of the personal injury claim, SUGARMAN’s attorneys were also able to negotiate a favorable resolution of the client’s workers’ compensation lien in order to maximize the client’s recovery.

Lang v. Edward J. Lamothe Co., 20 Mass. App. Ct. 231 (1985)

The defendant did not pay workers’ compensation benefits to the plaintiff, and as a result, did not receive the benefit of the workers’ compensation exemption of employers from tort liability.

Construction worker struck by debris

Significant recovery in personal injury claim for union carpenter struck on the head by discarded debris at a construction site. Worker suffered a neck fracture requiring surgical fusion and a significant closed head injury.

Electrocution to construction worker on a residential construction site

Settlement of personal injury lawsuit for an excavation worker who was electrocuted while attempting to place caution tape over low hanging electrical wires.

Hemric v. Reed & Prince Mfg. Co., 575 F. Supp. 254 (D. Mass. 1983), aff’d, 739 F.2d 1 (1st Cir. 1984)

The statue of limitations is a matter of procedure governed by the law of the forum state.

Ironworker falls 30 feet from Boston high-rise

Settlement received for multiple fractures to ironworker who fell while erecting the steel frame of a new Boston high-rise. General contractor failed to require 100% fall protection.

Asthma attack triggered by chemicals used during construction project

Settlement reached with a construction company that failed to ventilate a nursing home during renovations, causing a nurse to suffer a severe asthma attack.

Construction accident – Defective formwork

Product liability settlement reached against the distributor of TAR Waller and the general contractor for injuries sustained by a construction foreman who fell when loop on wall formwork broke.

Construction site accident – Worker injured by concrete

Slab of concrete fell from ceiling of a building under construction causing serious injury to plaintiff. The contractor, mechanical engineer, and architect denied responsibility for locating and securing the slab. By starting with the original building plans from the 1900’s and working forward to the current renovations, SUGARMAN lawyers were able to prove the responsibility that each defendant had in causing the accident. The plaintiff recovered personal injury settlements from all defendants.

Construction site accident injures 4 workers

Settlement for 4 workers who were lifting a second floor gable wall into place by hand on a construction site in Wakefield, MA when the wall became too heavy and collapsed on them. The workers suffered severe orthopedic and back injuries. SUGARMAN’s personal injury attorneys resolved the case just before trial against the general contractor who negligently hired subcontractors and failed to provide proper safety oversight on the job.

Traumatic brain injury and eventual death following excavator accident

Settlement for the daughter of a construction worker who was struck by an excavator’s boom on a large development project in Everett. The excavator operator knew that the worker was in the area, but failed to look and make sure that the worker was a safe distance away before the operator moved the boom and violently struck him. The worker suffered catastrophic injuries that eventually caused his death 3 months later. In addition to a host of safety violations and unsafe practices, SUGARMAN attorneys were able to establish that the excavator operator had been previously fired for unsafe operation by the same company that later hired him to work on the development project. The case resolved shortly before trial.

Union tunnel worker injured on job

Settlement for a worker who was injured when an auger hooked piece of rebar struck the worker in his leg, causing a tibial plateau fracture. The settlement was reached with the auger operator’s employer.

Failure to maintain equipment – Power plant accident causes worker’s injuries

Settlement against power plant and safety contractor for twenty-six-year-old boilermaker apprentice who was severely injured when he was violently sucked into a boiler drum which had not been properly de-energized for contractor work during an annual shutdown.

Severe injuries sustained by construction worker in fall on jobsite

Settlement in personal injury case for 39-year-old construction worker, who fell 15 feet to the ground in Norwell, Massachusetts while working on the roof of the defendant general contractor’s property. The construction worker sustained bilateral wrist fractures requiring multiple surgeries, and facial lacerations.

Craneway collapse at Fore River Shipyard

Settlement of wrongful death lawsuit reached for the four young children of a construction worker who was killed when a massive steel craneway in Quincy collapsed. The general contractor failed to develop an engineering or demolition plan for the dismantling of the craneway and made cuts that left a portion of it a free-standing structure without securing it or warning any of the workers at the site of the danger posed by the free-standing structure.

Jury verdict in fall at construction site

Middlesex County jury returns on behalf of construction worker injured in fall from unguarded opening in construction project. One of 10 largest jury verdicts reported in Massachusetts in 2011.

Wrongful death following crush injuries to forklift operator

Pre-trial settlement on behalf of children of a middle-aged temporary worker who was crushed to death between the forklift he was operating and a metal shelving unit in a South Shore warehouse where he had been assigned to work by his staffing agency.

Construction Site Injuries

SUGARMAN’s personal injury lawyers have handled many different construction site accident cases. Cases have included scaffolding and staging collapses, wall and roof collapses, falls through unprotected floor openings, crane and aerial lift overturns, dropped loads, job site electrocutions, accidents from defective tools, and construction elevator and material lift accidents. We represent laborers, electricians, ironworkers, plumbers, masons, and all other construction trades in injury claims.