Car, Motor Vehicle, & Motorcycle Accidents

Pedestrian sustains closed head injury

Settlement for a plaintiff who sustained a traumatic brain injury as a pedestrian. The pedestrian was holding onto the window frame of the defendant’s car when the defendant accelerated forward, causing the pedestrian to fall to the roadway, forcefully striking his head.

Motorcycle – car collision

Case settled before trial. A husband and wife on a motorcycle were hit by a car, resulting in the death of the husband and serious injuries to wife.

Motorcyclist suffers amputation from left-turning vehicle

Settlement reached for 45-year-old motorcyclist who suffered a below-the-knee amputation in a collision with a left-turning vehicle. While the plaintiff was able to return to work as a carpenter, the settlement reflected the life-altering nature of his injuries, and included contributions from the primary and excess insurance policies of the other driver’s employer.

Police motorcycle officer struck by tractor-trailer

Police officer received settlement after a collision with a tractor-trailer, forcing his leg to be amputated above the knee.

Pedestrian struck by car in South Boston

Pre-discovery settlement for young pedestrian struck by a car while she was in a marked crosswalk on Day Boulevard in South Boston. As a result of the impact, the woman suffered a closed head injury and thoracic outlet syndrome requiring surgical repair.

Pedestrian struck by garbage truck

Settlement received for the family of 79-year-old pedestrian killed by a garbage truck.

Car crash – Head injury

Settlement reached for a mother whose closed head injury suffered in a car crash affected her ability to care for children.

Car crash – Nerve injury

Settlement in personal injury case for passenger in motor vehicle accident who suffered rare nerve injury resulting in chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Car struck head-on by commercial truck

Settlement in auto accident lawsuit reached for driver and passenger who sustained fractures and multiple other injuries when the car they were in was struck by a commercial truck.

Leibovich v. Antonellis, 410 Mass. 568 (1991)

Upheld a jury verdict won by SUGARMAN lawyers for a case in which a teenaged son was injured in a car crash. This allowed the parents to recover damages for their own injuries, as well as those of their son.

Pre-suit resolution for icy road car accident

SUGARMAN attorneys reached a favorable pre-suit settlement on behalf of a client who suffered multiple fractures and orthopedic injuries when a vehicle slid into the client’s car on an icy road in Millis, Massachusetts.

Baudanza v. Comcast, 454 Mass. 622 (2009)

The Supreme Judicial Court affirmed judgment in favor of our client following a jury verdict and post-trial motions awarding increases to damages found by jury. The client sustained severe injuries when his vehicle was struck by a cable company van.

Car accident caused by defendant falling asleep at wheel

Settlement in personal injury lawsuit for plaintiff who sustained permanent knee injuries after being struck by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.

Car accident on the Mass. Pike

Settlement for an arm fracture and concussion sustained by a woman driver when defendant slowed suddenly to “rubber-neck” at medical event on opposite side of Mass. Pike.

Car accident resulting in traumatic brain/closed head injury

Settlement reached for a mother whose closed head injury suffered in a car accident affected her ability to care for children.

Car crash – Failure to stop at stop sign

Settlement reached in auto accident lawsuit for an elderly gentleman who suffered multiple fractures when the defendant failed to stop at a stop sign.

Traumatic brain injury in pedestrian crosswalk crash

Settlement on behalf of client injured when he was struck by a car while in the crosswalk on the way to the Braintree MBTA Station. The client suffered a traumatic brain injury and, together with the spouse, brought a claim against the driver for his negligence in causing the accident.

Couple struck by tractor trailer

Pre-suit settlement of personal injury claims for husband and wife whose van was struck from behind by a tractor trailer. The wife sustained ACL tears in both her knees and the husband developed compartment syndrome resulting in extensive surgeries and scarring.

Trucking accident

A trucking company, which allowed its drivers to work beyond the maximum hours mandated by federal regulations, settled a case in which a tired truck driver rear-ended a car at high speed on a highway. A woman in her thirties, with no dependents, was killed in the accident.

Arbitration award for knee fracture sustained in car accident

SUGARMAN attorneys secured an arbitration award for a 54-year-old school teacher who suffered a fractured patella during an intersection collision.

Royal Indem. Co. v. Blakely, 372 Mass. 86 (1977)

G. L. c. 175, §113L, which requires every automobile to have coverage for injuries caused by uninsured autos, does not entitle a family to stack its uninsured coverage and obtain additional protection or compensation from vehicles other than the one that was involved in the accident.

SUGARMAN attorneys overcome “sudden medical emergency” defense

Resolution at mediation on behalf of a client who sustained orthopedic injuries and required removal of his spleen as a result of a violent head-on car accident in Medford, Massachusetts. The defendant claimed that he suffered a “sudden medical emergency” that caused him to pass out just prior to the impact. That defense would have prevented any recovery under Massachusetts law. Through extensive discovery, SUGARMAN’s attorney developed evidence that called into question whether the medical event was actually “sudden” which allowed the client to successfully recover for his extensive injuries.

Accident caused by generator on wheels detaching from truck

Settlement for injuries to driver who took evasive action to avoid a run-away generator that detached from the truck towing it. The driver was struck by another car while attempting to avoid collision with the generator.

Accident involving delivery truck

Settlement of personal injury lawsuit for a worker who suffered multiple permanent neck, back and head injuries after a truck collided with his parked delivery truck, causing a load of bricks to fall onto his head and body.

Driver struck by a commercial truck

Settlement for married 50 year-old father of three who suffered a life-altering brain injury when his car was rear-ended and run over by a commercial truck.