Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Arbitration award for facial scarring suffered in car accident

In an arbitration of a car accident claim, SUGARMAN’s attorneys obtained a substantial award on behalf of a client who suffered facial scarring after he was hit from behind while stopped in his car at a red light in Brockton, MA. SUGARMAN initially recovered the full amount of the insurance policy from the driver that struck the client before making a claim against the client’s own motor vehicle insurer through the policy’s underinsured motorist coverage. After rejecting the insurer’s settlement proposal, SUGARMAN’s lawyers obtained an arbitration award over 12 times more than the insurer’s offer.

Pre-suit settlement for man injured in rear-end accident

Recovery for client prior to the filing of personal injury lawsuit following a motor vehicle accident in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The plaintiff was rear-ended while stopped at a red light and sustained a detachment of his bicep tendon and other injuries. The recovery was against multiple insurance companies who provided coverage.

Car accident caused by defendant falling asleep at wheel

Settlement in personal injury lawsuit for plaintiff who sustained permanent knee injuries after being struck by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.

Pre-suit resolution for icy road car accident

SUGARMAN attorneys reached a favorable pre-suit settlement on behalf of a client who suffered multiple fractures and orthopedic injuries when a vehicle slid into the client’s car on an icy road in Millis, Massachusetts.

Car struck head-on by commercial truck

Settlement in auto accident lawsuit reached for driver and passenger who sustained fractures and multiple other injuries when the car they were in was struck by a commercial truck.

Car accident resulting in traumatic brain/closed head injury

Settlement reached for a mother whose closed head injury suffered in a car accident affected her ability to care for children.

Accident involving delivery truck

Settlement of personal injury lawsuit for a worker who suffered multiple permanent neck, back and head injuries after a truck collided with his parked delivery truck, causing a load of bricks to fall onto his head and body.

Car accident on the Mass. Pike

Settlement for an arm fracture and concussion sustained by a woman driver when defendant slowed suddenly to “rubber-neck” at medical event on opposite side of Mass. Pike.

Baudanza v. Comcast, 454 Mass. 622 (2009)

The Supreme Judicial Court affirmed judgment in favor of our client following a jury verdict and post-trial motions awarding increases to damages found by jury. The client sustained severe injuries when his vehicle was struck by a cable company van.

Leibovich v. Antonellis, 410 Mass. 568 (1991)

Upheld a jury verdict won by SUGARMAN lawyers for a case in which a teenaged son was injured in a car crash. This allowed the parents to recover damages for their own injuries, as well as those of their son.