Bus, Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Driver struck by a truck resulting in spinal fractures

Settlement in personal injury case for a 69-year-old driver who suffered spinal fractures in a motor vehicle and truck collision in Lunenburg, resulting in a complex surgery with hardware implantation.

Driver struck by a commercial truck

Settlement for married 50 year-old father of three who suffered a life-altering brain injury when his car was rear-ended and run over by a commercial truck.

Trucking accident results in wrongful death claim

A trucking company, which allowed its drivers to work beyond the maximum hours mandated by federal regulations, settled a case in which a tired truck driver rear-ended a car at high speed on a highway. A woman in her thirties, with no dependents, was killed in the accident.

Couple struck by tractor trailer

Pre-suit settlement of personal injury claims for husband and wife whose van was struck from behind by a tractor trailer. The wife sustained ACL tears in both her knees and the husband developed compartment syndrome resulting in extensive surgeries and scarring.

Wrongful death settlements for school bus crash

Settlement in a negligence and product liability case against a transportation company and bus manufacturer following the deaths of four middle school students on a school trip in Canada. Through the use of accident reconstructions, SUGARMAN attorneys established that bus driver error was the cause of the deadly crash, and not a roadway design defect as the defendants maintained. SUGARMAN lawyers also prosecuted product liability claims against the foreign bus manufacturer, relying upon biomechanical engineering evidence to show that an improper window design resulted in passengers being ejected from the bus during the crash sequence.