Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Verdicts, Settlements and Appellate Cases

Choking death of nursing home resident
Nursing home staff allowed an elderly patient with a history of swallowing difficulties to eat a sandwich while unsupervised. The patient subsequently choked while eating the sandwich and was found unresponsive. SUGARMAN attorneys obtained a settlement on behalf of the nursing home resident’s family.

Dehydration causes nursing home patient’s death
Settlement for family of 84-year-old nursing home resident who died from kidney failure and other complications resulting from dehydration. The medical staff at the nursing home failed to recognize the patient’s declining status and therefore failed to notify a physician so that a further evaluation could be performed.

Failure to follow fall prevention protocols causes patient’s death
A nursing home resident at high risk for falls sustained a hip fracture when she fell as a result of the nursing home medical staff failing to follow the appropriate fall prevention measures when assisting the patient to the bathroom. Rather than reporting the incident, the medical staff placed the patient back in her bed with a fractured right hip. The patient subsequently suffered a heart attack due to the trauma and died.

Nursing home negligence in care of 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient
Settlement for family of elderly Alzheimer patient who died after not being properly supervised and being allowed to wander outside the nursing home at night.

Nursing home resident dies after developing severe pressure sores
A 77-year-old nursing home resident died after developing sepsis brought on by a very large sacral pressure sore. Upon admission to the nursing home, the patient was at a high risk for developing pressure sores and had a very small sacral pressure sore. Despite this, the medical staff at the nursing home failed to properly rotate the patient in her bed, placing her on her back for extended periods of time and exacerbating the pressure sore, and failed to obtain a pressure relieving mattress for her. SUGARMAN attorneys obtained a settlement for the woman’s widowed husband prior to trial.

Nursing home resident suffers broken leg and dies
Settlement for family of an 89-year-old nursing home resident with dementia who sustained a femoral fracture when several certified nursing assistants improperly restrained the resident while trying to insert a catheter. Following surgery to repair the fracture, the patient developed numerous complications and died approximately 6 weeks after sustaining the fracture at the nursing home.

Pressure sores cause patient’s death
A patient at very high risk for pressure sores developed several pressure sores just days after being admitted to a nursing home. The nursing home’s medical staff failed to properly implement and follow the patient’s careplan for preventing pressure sores. The patient developed numerous complications as a result of the pressure sores, requiring a below knee amputation of his left leg, and eventually died. The case was settled before trial.

Sexual assault at nursing home
Pre-suit settlement for a 54-year-old nursing home resident suffering from dementia and severe multiple sclerosis who was sexually assaulted by another resident. The nursing home’s medical staff failed to properly monitor and supervise the assailant, who had previously made inappropriate comments and advances to the victim.