Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many car accident victims and their lawyers make the mistake of treating car accident cases as routine. The manner in which SUGARMAN's personal injury lawyers approach motor vehicle accidents is anything but routine. The lawyers at SUGARMAN bring the same high-quality legal representation to persons injured in car accidents as we bring to the other types of injury cases that we handle. Indeed, we believe our decades of experience with all manner of personal injury cases, from "simple" negligence to the most complex cases, makes our approach to motor vehicle cases unique--and better for our clients.

The fact is that car and motor vehicle accidents are not simple claims. They often involve complex issues of insurance coverage, primary and third party liability, as well as statutory and evidentiary issues. Our attorneys' experience in representing car accident victims has resulted in substantial recoveries for victims of almost every kind of vehicle accident imaginable, including cases involving injured pedestrians, passengers, bicyclists, and drivers. What is most important, perhaps, is that the lawyers at SUGARMAN understand that every client and accident is unique and requires an individualized approach.

Properly handling a car or motor vehicle accident claim is far from simple or routine. The proper coordination of benefits between no-fault, health insurance, liability coverage, underinsurance and third parties can be a complicated web. Investigating and proving negligence cannot be an afterthought.

To be truly successful, a motor vehicle negligence case must be pursued immediately and aggressively by a lawyer with experience and integrity. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, the injury lawyers at SUGARMAN provide just that.

SUGARMAN has a team of dedicated personal injury attorneys who represent those who have been injured in a car accident, whether it be as a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or a bicyclist. To learn more about our history of investigating and pursuing claims involving car accidents and also about some more specific areas of SUGARMAN’s practice, please click on the links below.